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At Innovation in Life, we believe that a colleague’s well-being is a top priority to help them excel in their chosen career. We put the well-being of our colleagues at the forefront of everything that we do. Whether this is supporting individual goals and aspirations or aiding a colleague’s career path through training programs. All managers and directors make are committed to helping all colleagues to achieve their personal and professional goals to the best of their abilities. 

Who we are

Innovation in Life are specialists in Research & Development (R&D). We have extensive experience and expertise in this field and will assist you with the entire process of claiming the Government’s HMRC R&D Tax Credits/Refunds. We will work closely with you to identify the R&D projects that you are carrying out within your company and the associated qualifying activity. Our sole focus and attention to detail ensures you benefit from the maximum claim value to fuel your company’s growth.

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Our commitment

We offer a seamless service and will take care of every single part of the claim from the moment you engage with us. There are four simple steps to make a claim. The average claim preparation will take no longer than 4 weeks and HMRC aim to make payment in 28 days, with only 6 to 7 hours of your company's time needed to complete the claim. Our sole focus is on HMRC R&D Tax Credits/Refunds and we are fully up to speed with all the latest legislation around this subject.

Mission statement

Ideas, Inspire, Legacy make up the three pillars on which Innovation In Life (IIL) stand. These values define the expectations we have for how we work with each other and our clients. Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures, our values remain united in all aspects of our operations.

We are trusted specialists in R&D Tax Credits, and it is our mission to help innovative businesses grow. This growth is achieved only by becoming a trusted business partner. 

IIL recognise that this is only possible by implementing our core values in everything we do. We listen to our client’s ideas and challenges, assisting them to unlock their future growth. It is integral that we inspire confidence and empower change. IIL takes pride in looking to the future to ensure our clients create a legacy within their industry.

“Our mission and core values drive our culture and are the foundation of our practice. We measure each decision against these standards.” Chris Hanslik

Making a claim

You must be a UK Limited Company that is subject to Corporation Tax and have carried out Research & Development qualifying activities. Your project may be creating a new process, product or service or improving an existing one. You will probably be trying to solve a problem where no solution is evident. Whatever your sector, if your company is trying to resolve technological uncertainties then you are likely carrying out R&D qualifying activity. Sometimes R&D is not successful, and it is important to remember that if your project is ultimately unsuccessful but tried to find a solution which was not evident at the outset, it could still qualify for R&D.

Small to Medium Enterprises (SME) are able to claim up to 33p for every £1 spent on qualifying R&D activities. The average claim by SMEs in the UK is £60,000. Large companies are able to claim 11p for every pound of qualifying activity.  No matter what size your company is, there is a claim if you are eligible.


Innovation in Life won’t charge you unless your claim is successful, so there is no risk to you or your company. Our fee is a percentage of the refund you receive and includes the full service provided, there are no hidden extras. We will only charge you for this once you have received your refund.

“This was our first R&D claim, Innovation in Life were focused and made the process straightforward and stress-free as they guided us through each stage."

“This was our first R&D claim, Innovation in Life were focused and made the process straightforward and stress-free as they guided us through each stage."

From start to finish, ARC:MC have found the team at Innovation In Life a pleasure to deal with. Their team were highly passionate, methodical, and meticulous when learning about our projects.

The team at Kingsbury were highly satisfied with Innovation in Life’s services: maximising our 2019 R&D tax credits. Their detailed understanding of our project work and open lines of communication made for a smooth, salutary process.

"IIL exceeded expectations. To build a detailed and honest claim, they visited our warehouse to advance their knowledge of the business. The claims process was straightforward and they were transparent and attentive in all communications."

"Finally we found a company which were not only able to offer a premium service, but also managed to increase our claim significantly. IIL were sincere and meticulous in their approach, and directed us through the process with expertise and professionalism."

"Everyone at Stak was very impressed with Innovation in Life. After a surprisingly short amount of time we had supplied the necessary information to IIL. We were unaware of how beneficial R&D Tax Refunds would be to our company. "

"A pleasure to work with; IIL's ability to inform you consistently and thoroughly as the claim progressed was refreshing and ensured a stress-free experience."

"R&D will be critical to a swift economic and social recovery from the impacts of COVID-19, for a greener, healthier and more resilient UK."


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