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R&D Tax Credits are a valuable and often considerable source of government funding that aid innovative businesses.

Qualifying activity

  • Development of new operating systems.
  • Development of software to run new types of computer hardware, particularly where there are conflicts between hardware and software.
  • Development of new programming languages or software development tools or the development of significant extensions to an existing language.
  • Development of new software framework and/or architecture.

These activities do not encapsulate the entire scope of qualifying activities from this sector, it serves as a guideline upon which your claim can be built. For further information please contact us for a free tax evaluation.

Success stories

A software agency

Annual turnover:

This software agency constructed an Electronic Care Portal (ECP) for use across an extensive care home network. They developed an app that enabled carers to check and record activity on tablets, which importantly saved time on form-filling allowing carers more time with residents. In addition, the app gave management a central system that recorded employee, resident and care home data. This was bespoke and had never been established before.

A digital agency

Annual turnover:

This creative agency was tasked with integrating their retail client’s stock software with the API of an ecommerce platform. The client was adamant they received minute-by-minute updates on their stock levels between a store’s local records and the online store. The job was not readily deducible and there was no evidence that this had been done before. A custom middleware was created to connect the systems which greatly improved their client’s ecommerce system.

A software consultancy

Annual turnover:

This consultancy was tasked with the challenge to build a new suite of mobile applications for an important client. It was integral that the applications would integrate with an investment platform and therefore coincide with legacy backend systems which were old and contrasting. The backend system was not designed for mobile applications and therefore forced the consultancy to redesign the API endpoints to integrate with all the systems.

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