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R&D Tax Credits are a valuable and often considerable source of government funding that aid innovative businesses.

Qualifying activity

New Builds:

  • Improvements in construction time through innovative methodologies
  • Development of unique solutions to overcome challenging ground conditions.
  • Renewable and affordable energy solutions.
  • Improvements to buildings to minimise impact upon customers i.e. drying time of properties, lawn retention, quality improvements
  • Utilisation of novel/alternative materials to yield building envelope performance improvements i.e., thermal/acoustic.
  • Development of basements within high-end properties entailing extra GIS work.


  • Listed/heritage buildings that require unique solutions to restore original facades.
  • Derelict properties that need integration of modern techniques to improve building characteristics whilst maintaining original features.
  • Integration of modern services into existing building infrastructure
  •  Development of strengthening solutions for aged buildings being repurposed


  • Installation of specialist BMS and security systems
  • Construction of unique building aspects i.e., facades, design features
  • HVAC and M&E development for suitable environmental and ambient control
  • Development of novel construction methodologies for unusual buildings or projects with tight constraints

These activities do not encapsulate the entire scope of qualifying activities from this sector, it serves as a guideline upon which your claim can be built. For further information please contact us for a free tax evaluation.

Success stories

A groundworks and civil engineering specialist

Annual turnover:

Within the construction sector, this groundwork and civil engineering is an established leader. They are responsible for completing university campus groundworks. Including, reinforcement of concrete foundations, constructing the base, walls, drainage, and floor slabs. The initial scope of work altered after the project started, this resulted in additional research and planning to help complete the task.

An electrical installation company

Annual turnover:

This company was asked commissioned by a large UK hospital to design and install an electrical system. The project took place within a working hospital building, they had to work to a strict deadline to minimise interference. Previous installation techniques do not allow for rapid installation, therefore the company had to develop a new modular system. As a result, there was a significant reduction in time spent on-site as well as construction could take place away from the hospital.

A housing developer

Annual turnover:

A leading housing wanted to ensure that their development met sustainability measures from the ground-up and was conscious of the environment. They carried out numerous R&D projects to accomplish this. The activities included researching new ways of removing land contaminants. They also developed a new sustainable urban drainage system that is just as effective as a standard drainage system.

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