Mark Ferreira

Mark Ferreira


Mark Ferreira joined Innovation In Life in 2020. Before joining Innovation In Life he worked as a designer for clients such as Sky, Argos, LG and Samsung which made him an ideal fit for the position of Marketing Manager.

He was born in South Africa but raised and schooled in Luxembourg. He studied Graphic Design at the University for the Creative Arts in Epsom, Surrey. Upon completing his BA Honours Degree, he moved closer to the centre of London and has since been working as a Graphic Designer.  

With experience in designing for a variety of sectors with small start-ups to larger corporations, he understood what needed to change and how he could advance the brand. At Innovation In Life, he leads the creation of all design assets accompanied by brand guidance and advice on new marketing material. He mainly works with the Sales Division to create innovative and modern designs that will demonstrate the professionalism of the business.


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