Government renews their support for R&D activities

August 13, 2020

The Government has renewed its commitment to supporting the R&D activities that companies undertake. In the recent budget, they have detailed their commitment to innovation & cutting-edge technology. They have announced their plans to increase public R&D investment to £22 billion per year by 2024-25.

This landmark investment is the largest and fastest ever expansion in support of researchers and innovative businesses.

To support the Government’s goals in respect of R&D, companies in the private sector will have to invest in carrying out R&D. The Government has committed to increase the rate of R&D tax credits & are considering widening the definition of qualifying expenditure to include data & cloud computer.

This is excellent news for businesses and could provide a much needed cash injection following the events of the last four months.

Innovation in Life can help you. We are an expert Brokerage specialising in advising clients on how to claim the Government’s HMRC R&D Tax Credits/Refunds & can assist you with your claim.

We will take care of every single part of your claim from the moment you engage with us. We are fully up to date with all the areas of qualifying activity & we can highlight these for you & the potential value of your claim. All that is required is a no obligation 15-minute telephone conversation.

Contact me on 020 7052 8323 or email I would love to hear from you and work with you to help your Company prepare a claim and access the HMRC R&D credit/refund your company deserves.

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