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“This was our first R&D claim, Innovation in Life were focused and made the process straightforward and stress-free as they guided us through each stage. Given the straightforward process to make a claim, the R&D tax relief we were entitled to was very welcome.”

Gem Construct

From start to finish, ARC:MC have found the team at Innovation In Life a pleasure to deal with. Their team were highly passionate, methodical, and meticulous when learning about our projects. Therefore, we are confident they produced extremely thorough and detailed R&D claims.


The whole team at Kingsbury were highly satisfied with Innovation in Life’s services: maximising our 2019 R&D tax credits. Their detailed understanding of our project work and open lines of communication made for a smooth, salutary process, with minimal time and effort on our end

Kingsbury Group

“The technical team at Innovation In Life went above and beyond our expectations. To build a detailed and honest claim, they insisted on visiting our warehouse to advance their knowledge of the business and demonstrate their commitment. They ensured the procedure was as straightforward as possible and were transparent and attentive in every communication with IMT.“

IMT Aviation

“Finally we found a company which were not only able to offer a premium service, but also managed to increase our claim significantly. Innovation in Life were sincere and meticulous in their approach. They left no room for error and directed us through the process with expertise and professionalism.”

Consero London

“Everyone at Stak was very impressed with Innovation in Life. We were unaware of how beneficial R&D Tax Refunds would be to our company until IIL informed us. Originally, we were very cautious of the amount of our time that IIL would need to produce our claim, however, after a surprisingly short amount of time (6 hours over 4 weeks) we had supplied the necessary information.”

Stak Construction

“Innovation in Life were a pleasure to work with throughout the whole process! Their ability to inform you consistently and thoroughly as the claim progressed was refreshing and ensured a stress-free experience. With very limited time available between first contact and our year end, they were able to maximise our claim and exceed our expectations.”

Higgins Group

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