R&D Tax incentives will not be affected by Brexit!

November 13, 2020

Are you wondering if Brexit will affect your ability to claim Innovation Funding, also known as Research & Development Tax Refunds/Credits? All indications are that the government will continue to incentivise innovation through the scheme as it stands. This was further reinforced by the government’s announcement about their commitment to innovation and cutting-edge technology and their plans to increase public R&D spend investment to £22 billion per year by 2024-25. This landmark investment is the largest and fastest ever expansion in support of researchers and innovative businesses.

To support the Government’s goals in respect of innovation, companies in the private sector will have to invest in and continue to innovate. The Government has committed to increase the rate of R&D tax credits and are considering widening the definition of qualifying expenditure to include data and cloud computer. Perhaps you thought you didn’t qualify in the past, but this does not mean you do not qualify now.

Innovation in Life can help you. We are specialists in Innovation Funding (Research & Development).  We have extensive experience and expertise in this field and will assist you with the entire process of claiming the Government’s HMRC Innovation Funding.  We will work closely with you to identify the innovation projects that you are carrying out within your Company and the associated qualifying activity. These funds are Corporation Tax that you have paid which will be refunded back to you. Our sole focus and attention to detail ensures you benefit from the maximum claim value to fuel your Company’s growth.

All that is required is a no obligation 15-minute telephone conversation. Contact us today on 020 7052 8323 we would love to hear from you and work with you to help your Company prepare a claim and access the innovation funding available to you.

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