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R&D Tax Credits are a valuable and often considerable source of government funding that aid innovative businesses.

Qualifying activity

  • Experimenting with new materials to decrease weight or increase strength.
  • Developing models or prototypes of machinery.
  • Creating new coatings and application methods for machine parts.
  • Developing software to map the passage of vessels and carriers.
  • Experimenting with new material compositions and designs to improve durability and resistance to degradation from a range of species.
  • Modifying or improving security systems at important sites.
  • Manufacturing bespoke parts for defence vehicles.
  • Modifying existing infrastructure to increase fuel capacity and thereby vehicle range.
  • Testing new materials and designs to reduce noise pollution.
  • Creating new methods or devices for repairing machine components.
  • Carrying out work to repurpose vessels and carriers for new functions.

These activities do not encapsulate the entire scope of qualifying activities from this sector, it serves as a guideline upon which your claim can be built. For further information please contact us for a free tax evaluation.

Success stories

An Aerospace Company

Annual turnover:

The company worked with an engineering firm to design and fabricate the rig so it was strong enough to deal with the weight of a reverse thruster and other structural parts. They started with drawings and designs including calculations to ensure that their innovative reverse engineered design would work. They investigated the different tools that they needed to hire and designed a tool that could work both on Airbus rudder hinges as well as other manufacturers’ tools, and built-in replaceable accessories to be adapted to the aircraft design. They used the design help of a 21J engineering firm to overcome design and repair adaptations that were outside the remit of aircraft manufacturers’ manuals.

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