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R&D Tax Credits are a valuable and often considerable source of government funding that aid innovative businesses.

Qualifying activity

  • Developing a new piling process to overcome challenging ground conditions.
  • Creating a new method of diverting water flow when undertaking engineering works.
  • Developing a new process for lifting and positioning heavy plant into a structurally fragile site.
  • Creating a new attenuation process to meet site and regulatory constraints.
  • Developing a new technique to bore a tunnel that meets safety requirements.
  • Remedial works on a bridge to repair structural damage caused by an accident.
  • Creating a new method of extracting harmful chemicals from the ground.
  • Developing a new process to part-demolish a building whilst protecting some of the structure.
  • Creating a temporary transportation system to deliver materials to a site with restricted access.

These activities do not encapsulate the entire scope of qualifying activities from this sector, it serves as a guideline upon which your claim can be built. For further information please contact us for a free tax evaluation.

Success stories

A civil engineering company

Annual turnover:

This company was commissioned to build a multi-storey basement in London. There were space restrictions as it was narrow, along with the unprecedented basement depth, preventing usual excavation methods from being suitable. To solve this problem the company needed to modify the arm of a current excavator. Through gradual developments, they managed to create an arm that could safely excavate deeper pits within the confined space.

Mechanical engineering firm

Annual turnover:

This mechanical engineering firm designs, and manufacturers machines used within the food and beverage sector. Their machines packaged sterile-fill food products. One of their clients wanted to create two exact dosing mechanisms that would seal the packaging using the friction generated in this motion. This was difficult and a large amount of force was required without damaging the packaging. The firm achieved this and in turn, earned an R&D tax credit for the cost incurred.

A full-service civil engineering firm

Annual turnover:

This firm was tasked with repairing a concrete weir structure alongside their main project. A complete diversion of water was necessary for this task to be completed. However, due to the age of the weir and surrounding endangered wildlife, it was not possible. It took several development attempts before they came up with a phased approach to blocking the water flow, allowing them to successfully carry out corrective works

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