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R&D Tax Credits are a valuable and often considerable source of government funding that aid innovative businesses.

Qualifying activity

  • Innovative product development using computer aided design tools.
  • Development of second generation or improved products.
  • Tooling and equipment fixture design and development.
  • Developing unique computer numerical control programs.
  • Designing innovative programmable logic controllers.
  • Designing innovative manufacturing equipment.
  • Prototyping and three-dimensional solid modelling.
  • Development of computer models.
  • Designing and developing cost-effective and innovative operational processes.
  • Integrating new materials to improve product performance and manufacturing processes.
  • Evaluating and determining the most efficient flow of material.
  • Designing and evaluating process alternatives.
  • Designing, constructing, and testing product prototypes.
  • Increasing ease of operation or suitability of manufactured products.
  • Developing processes to meet increasing regulatory requirements.

These activities do not encapsulate the entire scope of qualifying activities from this sector, it serves as a guideline upon which your claim can be built. For further information please contact us for a free tax evaluation.

Success stories

A coatings specialist

Annual turnover:

This leading specialist in coating technology undertook a challenge to innovate their product manufacturing process. The pre-existing process required a hot and cold zone, which was not space or energy efficient. They improved the thermal recovery system to be space effective, have a significant waste reduction and be more energy efficient.

A systems manufacturer

Annual turnover:

This manufacturer was challenged to develop a part for a system that would improve the overall cost-effectiveness of lifting heavy pallets. They developed a new lightweight part, that reduced the overall weight of the conveyor system. This lowered their client’s production costs, and the development also resulted in a lowered risk of human error and a decrease in health and safety issues.

An electrical manufacturer

Annual turnover:

Within the electronic equipment industry, this company is a market leader. They set out to manufacture a pre-existing product more efficiently. From the initial development of the prototype, they had great success. The new product was more cost-effective and had an overall increase in performance.

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